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Why go to translation conferences?

4 conferences I attended in 2017–2018.
AN INTERPRETING WORKSHOP at the Moscow State University, organised by Kirill Yeltsov, a translator and the founder of Omnika, a bureau (December 2017). We talked about the standard technical equipment for a simultaneous interpreter, the rates (why is a standard daily rate of conference interpreting so high and is it really high?), the perks of working in-house or as a freelancer. During the breaks, we had tea with home-made pirozhki.

PRICE: free

MAIN BENEFITS: valuable facts about the profession and the market, technical tips, an introduction to Speakus technology, and networking with colleagues.

NEXT WORKSHOP: early March 2019
BP19 TRANSLATION CONFERENCE in Vienna, organised by Csaba Bán, a translator (April 2018). 2 days of presentations held simultaneously in several streams. More presentations for translators and localisation specialists than for interpreters. Interpreters spoke about communication with the client, marketing and promotion. The highlight for me was meeting Jonathan Downie, author of the podcast Troublesome Terps and the book Being a Successful Interpreter. - Jonathan Downie.

PRICE: EUR 260 + tickets and accommodation in Vienna

MAIN BENEFITS: I felt like a part of the global community of interpreters, got to know interpreters from the USA and Europe, took some morning runs across beautiful spring Vienna city centre.

NEXT BP: 2–3 May 2019, Bologna
3. GLOBAL DIALOGUE Forum (April 2018)
Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation International Centre "Dialogi" was an organizar and a group of Moscow translators - mastermind of the event. A lot of relevant topics were touched upon: stress, voice coaching, working solo in a simultaneous mode, the specifics of working in different sectors, diplomatic protocol.

PRICE: RUB 8,500 (business programme, without workshops), this year I got to go free of charge as earlier that year I worked pro bono for a charitable organization.

MAIN BENEFITS: I recharged my professional batteries, learnt a lot of useful tips, refreshed my knowledge of notetaking, talked to EVERYBODY (well there really were ALL my favourite colleagues, and interpreting legends too). Unfortunately, I only got to attend one of the two days; and the day I missed was even more exciting and eventful, according to the many stories I subsequently heard.

NEXT GLOBAL DIALOGUE: 25–26.01.2019, and there were several days of workshops before the business programme.
4. Cosines Pi Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting Contest (September 2018)
Cosines Pi Cosines Pi Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting Contest (September 2018)
Marklen Konurbaev, a professor at the Moscow State University was the mastermind of the event. Those who participated in the competition itself and made it to the quarter-finals had a chance to attend practical workshops with the masters, while guests could participate in two days of open master classes. The best part was the final of the contest, listening live to your peers and the assessment of their strengths and weaknesses by a respected jury. You understand who to look up to and what is important for those who listen to our work!

PRICE: free

MAIN BENEFITS: I hardly ever made it to the seminars; it was more interesting to talk to my colleagues in the lobbies and corridors. The contest itself has inspired me to improve myself, so I've created a group for regular practice with colleagues (you can join it too, see the details here); we exchange recordings of our interpreting and give feedback to each other.

There are different opinions regarding the contest. Some believe that interpreting cannot be evaluated objectively and such a format can even be harmful: it can lower the self-esteem of good interpreters who fail to qualify for the final (in our profession, everything depends on chance since one badly translated sentence can ruin the whole day)

NEXT COSINES PI: September 2019 I wonder if new languages besides English and French will be added.
To sum up:
Is it worth going to interpreting conferences? For me, the answer is definitely yes.

—to feel that you are not alone
—to continue to strive for the best
—to be aware of everything that is happening in our market
—to run into old friends, meet new people and potential clients (they also attend these, by the way) or even your future phonetics teacher, as happened in my case.

Other conferences I have attended before: Translation Forum Russia (2012 and 2013). Where I would like to go: some AIIC workshops, the Contact conference.

Other conferences I have attended before: Translation Forum Russia (2012 and 2013). Where I would like to go: some AIIC workshops, the Contact conference.
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