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Online Practice Group for professional conference interpreters

Online Practice Group for professional conference interpreters INTERPRETERS WEEKLY is looking for new members! We are the only self-paced practice group for interpreters I know of. We started in September 2018 and our members have never stopped practicing since then. We have 40 participants with languages ranging from Ru, Fr, Es, De and It to Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Greek and Ukrainian and had about 55 people in total in the past.
How it works:
We add you to a Whatsapp chat
Every Monday you are assigned a new partner.
During the week you need to send a recording of your interpretation to the chat and your partner will provide feedback (in writing or in an audio message)
You can practice sim or con using source materials of your liking on topics you are interested in or want to prepare for
You have to give feedback to your partner within a week after recording is submitted
Our admins keep track of all the recordings sent and feedback provided.
If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks and didn't provide a valid excuse then you leave the group and take a break from participation. You can come back when you have more free time
Discussion of useful materials for self-paced practice, sources of good speeches and best ways to prepare for assignments are frequently discussed and always encouraged in our chat!
If your partner for a certain week doesn't have your 'A' language, you can always practice interpreting into English from that A language and he/she will provide feedback in the capacity of a listener without comparing your work with the original
The main benefit of our format is that you can practice whenever it suits you best, but you always get feedback from experienced colleagues. And the record keeping system motivates you to make practice REGULAR!

To join our practice group write to interpeters.weekly@gmail.com indicating your Whatsapp number and language combinations (A, B and C languages) or leave a comment under a post here !

Practice makes perfect! Let's dive into it!
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